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Slender the Origin

January 9, 2018

This is Slender The Origin, A fan-made based in Slender The Arrival.

You are Mary, Your objective is find out a way to escape from Slender.

The Secrets of the Forest

December 20, 2018

This is our current project, it's also one of the most ambitious games from Tudo Rip.

The Secrets of The Forest is a horror exploration/adventure type game where you're investigating a mysterious forest to find out what creepy things is going on there after hearing countless reports of the forest being haunted.

Hello Neighbor Unity

April 29, 2018

Hello Neighbor Unity MOD is a fan-made of Hello Neighbor in Unity Engine.

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game about sneaking into your neighbor's house to figure out what horrible secrets he's hiding in the basement. Trying to escape? The Neighbor will find a shortcut and catch you.

(Project cancelled)

Poem, Poem!


This is Poem, Poem!, A game made by Lukas (Luckaiii), our community director.

Go on a adventure with Eva, Chloe and Robotaiii while facing many lethal challenges on the way!



This is Demo4, A game made by Chris (RedCard52), our game tester, He also develop games

Game in development, No playable builds yet.

Cube Rush


This is Cube Rush, A game made by Fellipe (FeGamer), our QA tester, He's also a game developer

In this game you're a cube and you need to complete challenges in a low poly world!The game is in development, The actual stage of the game is the prototype (v0.1.1)

It's Dark


It's dark is a horror game made for Sykoo's Elite Devs game jam.

There is 2 mode: "Looking for candies" and "S.A.M - The Dab", The first one is a very scary mode, Second one is a "meme" mode.

Grandpas Mayhem


This is the game made by Anubhav and his team

Grandpa's Mayhem is a stealth horror game where your car has been crashed in a neighborhood and you go for help in a house and you get knocked out from back and trapped in the mayhmes of grandpa your job is to escape from the grandpa only if you could.

Some games are missing because aren't announced yet




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